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Group therapy allows participants to observe others in the group, receive valuable feedback, and benefit from social interactions. Group therapy has the major goal of helping individuals transcend their mental health struggles through experiencing their common humanness with others fighting the same battles. The benefits of group therapy are virtually endless by cultivating a community of trust, compassion, respect, and honesty in which participants can grow.  ​See below for current groups being offered.

Painted Heart

Healing from Betrayal Group

This group helps partners whose lives have been devastated by infidelity or intimate betrayal. Group will help you understand your traumatic experience, provide focused tools to cope with your trauma reactions, and help you regain stability and security in your life. The group is a safe haven for partners and allows you to work towards healing and growth, with the added benefit of receiving support from other partners. Group typically serves as an addition to individual therapy. Please email or call to learn more about how this group may help you to move forward in your healing process.


Men's Fundamentals Group

This group will be focusing on understanding & limiting damage from compulsive behavior, developing new strategies to support healthy behavior, gaining new internal awareness while learning to build relational connections. The group will be led by Michelle Jabbour, LPC, CSAT, IFS and will include psychoeducation, parts work, discussions and processing.


Relationship Rescue Group

A safe place for couples seeking understanding, stability, and hope in the aftermath of infidelity & intimate betrayal. The group will provide each couple structure, calm, and reassurance to figure out what happened and how to best move forward in their relationship.

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